A lot of people come to us to have a consult for Invisalign, and I wanted to walk you through that today so you can know what to expect.

When someone comes in and they’re thinking that they might want to move their teeth, the first thing that we’ll do is scan their mouth with our intra oral scanner. It is so much nicer than having to take those goopy impressions of the past, and it gives us a clear picture of everything that’s going on right then. We can pull it up on the screen together, talk through some of the things that you may want to change, and then we’ll send that in to invisalign with some photos to come up with a plan with them of how we can move your teeth the best. Once we have the scan and all of your photos, we send them in to Invisalign and I work with the technicians there to come up with the perfect plan for your smile to get those teeth exactly where you want them to be.