When I was growing up there used to be a commercial about dentists recommending trident gum. Occasionally I get asked if I am one of the four or am I this other dentist that doesn’t recommend it. So, I’d like to say I am in the recommendation camp. I am one of the four of five dentists that would recommend Trident gum.

I have to say, its not so much Trident specifically as much as the underlying reasoning behind it. Trident gum contains xylitol. Xylitol is a replacement for sugar and it gives the gum that sweeter taste. Dentists like xylitol because the bacteria in our mouth cannot break it down like sugar. So it’s not going to lead to a more acidic environment and it’s not going to break down the teeth. It can’t be broken down by the bacteria. The other great thing about xylitol is it leads to more saliva production. Any time we can get the saliva flowing in our mouth it’s a good thing. It washes over the teeth, remineralizes them and helps everything out. I am a fan of trident, but I am a bigger fan of xylitol.