People are always concerned about coffee, red wine, and different things that they might want to eat or drink while bleaching and after bleaching. I would never tell anybody not to drink coffee or have red wine. So, it’s more about how to manage that and how to do it in a way that will stain your teeth as little as possible. 

Drinking your coffee through a straw (if you can wait for it to cool down a little bit) will decrease the amount of time the coffee is in contact with your teeth. That helps cut down on staining. They say that it leads to a reduction of two thirds of the amount of staining if you can drink your coffee through a straw. Another great thing to try is drinking more in one sitting rather than spreading it out throughout many hours. This is because you’re having more time for it to wash over. 

They said I’m not allowed to say that you should chug your wine all at once so that you don’t get it sitting all over your teeth. But you know… That might be a good idea too!